Russian shooting zombie game A lot of zombies have started to attack Russia but you have the russians by your side and they can be though. They will fight with an axe, they will shoot the zombies with their sh [...]
Zombo human defender game Are you ready to save the humans from the zombie invasion? The human will be running towards your house and you have to defend them with your bow and arrows by shooting them at the [...]
Sparta versus zombie game Leonidas has to defeat the entire zombie army that is sent by the persan empire to fight Sparta. Use your magic powers and other fighting spells in order to repeal the attacks and [...]
Zombie Hunter game The last hope of the human kind, a prototype robot that can kill the zombie has been entrusted to you. Start your war against the undead scourge and try to save human kind. After e [...]
Zombie eating brain game The zombies need to feed but the humans have setup traps for them in order to end their life, but zombies are peaceful and misunderstood, would you help him feed? Gather as many br [...]
Feed the zombi game Save the zombie and feed him in this cool new game. You have help the zombie survive by feeding him the human parts that are falling from the sky and collect the money in order to [...]
Fighting against zombie You know that at the end of the world zombies will rise, but you are not ready to die so with your gun and big knife you are standing up against the zombie. Run for provisions and [...]
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