Plants versus crystal shooting game The plants are trying to save the humankind they have to fight the crystals that are encroaching into the plant world and are trying to destroy it. You have to save it by destroyin [...]
Samurai battles game Defeat the enemies of this samurai and restore peace to Japan. You start alone and you have to defeat all the regions before going for the shogun. In game you will have to travel t [...]
Aqua Boy Adventure game This little adventurer in this watery underworld is helped by a sidekick and a wonky professor to explore the uncharted deeps of the sea to find long-forgotten artifacts. But, his [...]
Chase and shoot game Abonny is on a mission to kill wolf gang that escape from jail. Use your superior running and jumping skills to catch up to the gang of evildoers and bring them back to justice. St [...]
Race for money game Win the races to advance in level but you have to collect the money on the track if you want to upgrade your car. With enough money you can make the coolest and fastest car on the [...]
Geometry space fighter game Are you ready to shoot some geometrical shaped spaceships? Well, you have no choice since you start this adventure, oddly shaped enemies will be after you and you will have to use [...]
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