Pumpkin Behind Enemy's Line Pumpkin has gone Behind The Enemy Lines with his Sons to take revenge from his enemies, who once came into his territory and destroyed his town. Use Left and Right arrow key (or &# [...]
Pumpkin Vs Moles Moles are in the Pumpkin’s area. Pumpkin decides to teach them a lesson, as they keep comming around which effects the pumpkins land. Use Left and Right Arrow Keys (or ‘ [...]
Pumpkin In Fruit Fight Pumpkin was living happily in his land until fruits came to take over the Pumpkin Land. But the Pumpkin will defend its land till its land breath. Use arrow keys (or WASD) to move [...]
Cristmas Pumpkin Pumpkin asks you to help him collect the Christmas gifts as they are falling. Use mouse Up and Down to move the pumpkin up and down respectively. Click to slash the pumpkin and mak [...]
Pumpkin On TV Pumpkin is on TV, but the cloudy character is destroying his great moment on TV. You must stop the cloudy. Jump on the cloudy to paralyze him for some time. As time passes more clo [...]
Pumpkin Matcher Pumpkins have lost their pairs, so they need your help to match them. Make the pairs of the cards with similar pumpkin pictures. You will gain points for every correct match. You w [...]
Pumpkin Cannon Birds are going towards the pumpkin’s fields, you must stop them. Aim the cannon to the bird. Click to fire. Don’t waste your ammo because although it is unlimited, each fire [...]
Pumpkin Water Ski Pumpkin is out in the water to ski in the water. He is loosing his balance. Help him so that he can remain on his board for as long as possible. Press the appropriate key to keep p [...]
Snowy Pumpkin Pumpkin is in snow and is cold. He must get to fire in order to stay warm. Take the pumpkin to the fire, as the fire moves. The pumpkin must not freeze. Collect the bonus for bonus [...]
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