Bottle shooting game Are you ready to help this cowboy shoot them bottles in the newest online shooting game here on friv? Well, then take the pistol, aim it well and shoot that bouncing bullet and try [...]
Saloon Gun shooter You don’t have money for whiskey but being a good gun slinger you can prove your worth and shoot the bottles in order to gain points. Aim carefully because every shot missed [...]
Shoot the enemy game Are you brave enough to play this shooting game and destroy your opponents? You have to make sure that you can hold your line and target the enemies before they hide. You can choos [...]
Arena robots shooting game Are you ready to become the ultimate fighting robot and destroy the other base in record time? Well, this game is very simple if you played League of Legends or Dota, you can contr [...]
Kitty shooting game tower protect Sergeant Kitty needs to defend the tower from the dogs that are charging from all sides, he has his might pistol but with luck and skill he might be able to afford a big Gatling gu [...]
Defend your base game Defend your territory against the might of the pig legion with your might gun. Defend your wall and your family by shooting this pigs so they can return from where they came. You h [...]
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