Ancient war game Are you ready for war? Complete your team and start the battles, control each of your team members in order to defeat the horde of enemies that are coming your way and win the batt [...]
Hammer the monster destroyer Use your giant hammer to destroy the monsters in this game. You have to gather all the creeps with your hammers powers then smash them. Be fast, collect the points and become a tru [...]
Endless space shooting Something is wrong, this game is all about shooting but the enemies don’t stop coming, it’s an endless horde shooting game where you have to destroy all the enemies shi [...]
Samurai battles game Defeat the enemies of this samurai and restore peace to Japan. You start alone and you have to defeat all the regions before going for the shogun. In game you will have to travel t [...]
Dungeon fighting games Are you ready to venture into the darkest caves in order to fight monsters and collect the loot? Well, our heroes are ready. In this game you will have to play with your heroes and [...]
Aqua Boy Adventure game This little adventurer in this watery underworld is helped by a sidekick and a wonky professor to explore the uncharted deeps of the sea to find long-forgotten artifacts. But, his [...]
Fight for glory game The kingdom calls out for warriors that can best their peers in battle and occupy the place as the rulers and protectors of the realm. You will start with a single warrior that by [...]
Card fighting game Use your cards and your general to fight in battle. Collect the gold coins and use them to summon more creatures or get advantages by using different spells to buff your army, your [...]
Robot platform game Rick the robot needs to search for cans of fuel in order to power his spaceship and get away from this planet but all the cans are protect by other malefic robots that will destroy [...]
Magic heroes game In this tactical game you have to control your heroes in order to find and destroy the hideous creature that hide in their world. First you have to start your adventure with a sing [...]
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