Bottle shooting game Are you ready to help this cowboy shoot them bottles in the newest online shooting game here on friv? Well, then take the pistol, aim it well and shoot that bouncing bullet and try [...]
Saloon Gun shooter You don’t have money for whiskey but being a good gun slinger you can prove your worth and shoot the bottles in order to gain points. Aim carefully because every shot missed [...]
Zombo human defender game Are you ready to save the humans from the zombie invasion? The human will be running towards your house and you have to defend them with your bow and arrows by shooting them at the [...]
Archer arena battle game An other prehistoric sport, the archer arena battles. You have to fight other archers in an arena, you have to dodge their arrows while shooting them. Enter the battle and be fast [...]
Eggstinction Let’s get ready to go Jurassic on these alien invaders. Grab weapons and defend your ground.
Sea Food And Shoot It Not a fan of sea food? Would you dare say, hate it? Well then, shoot it! Blast away as much as you can in this shameless squandering of aquatic life!
I Am Ultra Killer Of Zombies You’ve crash landed in the middle on nowhere. Zombies are on the horizon moving to your crash site. Defend the site or be eaten alive.
Bird Blast Shoot the birds before they can get away! Upgrade your guns and unlock new ones to help you solve the mystery behind the Red Neck’s problem. Try to build the biggest combos a [...]
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