Bottle shooting game Are you ready to help this cowboy shoot them bottles in the newest online shooting game here on friv? Well, then take the pistol, aim it well and shoot that bouncing bullet and try [...]
Saloon Gun shooter You don’t have money for whiskey but being a good gun slinger you can prove your worth and shoot the bottles in order to gain points. Aim carefully because every shot missed [...]
Shoot the enemy game Are you brave enough to play this shooting game and destroy your opponents? You have to make sure that you can hold your line and target the enemies before they hide. You can choos [...]
Dungeon fighting games Are you ready to venture into the darkest caves in order to fight monsters and collect the loot? Well, our heroes are ready. In this game you will have to play with your heroes and [...]
Aqua Boy Adventure game This little adventurer in this watery underworld is helped by a sidekick and a wonky professor to explore the uncharted deeps of the sea to find long-forgotten artifacts. But, his [...]
Man eating worm game Control your worm and eat all the people that are living in the North Pole. Use your worm to destroy them and feed it in order to grow big and strong. Try to chain the eating proce [...]
Dragon fist 3d fighting game Are you ready to fight your kung fu opponents in this 3d realistic karate simulator? You have to destroy every opponent with your karate moves and win before they can defeat you. C [...]
Helicopter mayhem game Are you ready to conquer the enemy with your super war helicopter? Take on the streets and with the help of your army try to stop to advancing enemy and destroy all his planes, tra [...]
Jumping robot game Are you ready to jump? This little robot has the task of collecting all the blocks that are scattered over 40 levels and not all of them are easy to reach too or out of harms way, [...]
Conquer the galaxy: Ship shooting Try an conquer the whole galaxy just for yourself and upgrade your weapons in order to become a force to be reckoned with. Destroy your space enemies and complete the missions with [...]
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