Suppa Zuppa the apple eating caveman Suppa Zuppa was so hungry after the harsh winter and now needs food. Help him get all the apples and make him fat so he can survive the next winter with success. Help this caveman [...]
Zombie eating brain game The zombies need to feed but the humans have setup traps for them in order to end their life, but zombies are peaceful and misunderstood, would you help him feed? Gather as many br [...]
Jumping robot game Are you ready to jump? This little robot has the task of collecting all the blocks that are scattered over 40 levels and not all of them are easy to reach too or out of harms way, [...]
Space Farm Game Are you ready to build your farm? Well, until then you have to help this little fellow to make his own, you will have to buy soil, plant seeds and grow big plants. You will have to [...]
Scary Cannon game Pull the cannon nobe to the fire. Evil spirts are caught up in this pumpkins and you have to touch them with your fiery cannonball in order to release them and save the humans that [...]
Chase and shoot game Abonny is on a mission to kill wolf gang that escape from jail. Use your superior running and jumping skills to catch up to the gang of evildoers and bring them back to justice. St [...]
Motorcycle go far game Are you the one and only motorcycle driver that can do the craziest stunts in order to gain more nitro and blast over this hills at full speed? Well, hop onto the seat of the here [...]
Conquer the galaxy: Ship shooting Try an conquer the whole galaxy just for yourself and upgrade your weapons in order to become a force to be reckoned with. Destroy your space enemies and complete the missions with [...]
The eating cube game This cube is very hungry but all the good food is high up into the air and you can’t just jump to reach it or climb a ladder, but rather you have to jump with the help of a m [...]
Construction site escape game Our character engineer Rob is trapped in the construction and you have to help him get out of this dangerous place. You can help him jump on and over the walls so that he can get t [...]
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