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Card fighting game Use your cards and your general to fight in battle. Collect the gold coins and use them to summon more creatures or get advantages by using different spells to buff your army, your [...]
Play Solitaire online Are you ready to play one of the most famous and most played games in the world? Well, solitaire is very popular and it can be very funny if you decide to play it. You can choose t [...]
BoxDude Tower Defence 2 You have to protect your base with your super towers in the shape of a box. You need to place them in strategical locations to fight off the creeps that are trying to destroy your [...]
Sudoku game A game of sudoku where your brain will be exploited to the fullest. You will have to crunch numbers and figure out what number goes where in order to solve this puzzle game and get [...]
Classic Memory: Flags A simple and easy concentration game which also offer the opportunity to learn countries flags. Try to match the flags by opening 2 of the same flag at the same time.
Costructor becomes a skilled builder! Build the highest tower!
Fruity 4 Connect A simple connect 4 game. Make a line of four Same FRUITS in vertical, horizontal or diagonal before your computer opponent has done the same with his FRUITS. Make a line of four Sa [...]
Princess Lake Help the princess fill her lake with magical colors. Lead the water up to the lake and fill it with bright colors, tap the pipes to rotate them. You can drag rows horizontally and [...]
Coffee Cup Mahjong presents new online mahjong game. The game will be interesting both for the skilled mahjong players and for the novices who just discover the games of this gen [...]
Match O Rama Guns How fast can you match the Guns? Mouse Only
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