Knight fighting goblins game Our Knight wants to destroy all goblins while taking the treasures for himself. In order to do so he has to manipulate the room and bounce all over the walls in order to get to the [...]
Light the path game The life giving holy light of our kingdom has disappeared and now our little which has gone to search for it. She has managed to conjure a new orb of light that can light our heart [...]
Dinosaur city mayhem Control your angry T-rex and wreck havoc around the city. Eat as many people as you can and destroy the environment in order to gather more points. Have fun and wreck some people U [...]
Rocket boost fish Our little fish wants to leave his pond and swim in the big ocean but that is far away and he can’t walk on land so you will have to help him with the rockets to carry him vi [...]
Osmosis thief game Are you ready for an adventure with your slimy thief ? It may look easy at first but it’s pretty hard to balance yourself on his rope and dodge all the obstacles he encounter [...]
Dungeon fighting games Are you ready to venture into the darkest caves in order to fight monsters and collect the loot? Well, our heroes are ready. In this game you will have to play with your heroes and [...]
Penguin racing game Are you ready to become the king penguin racer? In this game you have to race your penguin on the fast ice and collect all the stars for loads of points. You can collect the yellow [...]
Robot platform game Rick the robot needs to search for cans of fuel in order to power his spaceship and get away from this planet but all the cans are protect by other malefic robots that will destroy [...]
Magic heroes game In this tactical game you have to control your heroes in order to find and destroy the hideous creature that hide in their world. First you have to start your adventure with a sing [...]
City running game Run from your enemies while you destroy those who stand in your face. Avoid obstacles by sliding, jumping, shooting or beating epic monsters. If you collect the right item you can [...]
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