Knight fighting goblins game Our Knight wants to destroy all goblins while taking the treasures for himself. In order to do so he has to manipulate the room and bounce all over the walls in order to get to the [...]
Shooting pirate game Are you ready to become a real life pirate and defend your ship from the scurvy robots? Well, in this game you will be able to do just that. You can use your trusty gun and sword t [...]
Monster truck racing wars Are you ready to become the number one most fearsome monster truck driver and blow your competition away? Play this cool racing game, use your monster truck to destroy the other dr [...]
Monster Truck Demolisher game Do you like to destroy cars and drive over them with your humongous monster truck? Then play this cool monster truck game, drive your big truck with high speeds towards the finish [...]
Fast jumping car game Select your car and then try to get as fast as possible with it with only one canister of fuel and by using different stunts in order to gain nos for a turbo speed and fuel economy [...]
Russian shooting zombie game A lot of zombies have started to attack Russia but you have the russians by your side and they can be though. They will fight with an axe, they will shoot the zombies with their sh [...]
Lightsaber ball bouncing Play this cool ball wrecking game where you have to bounce your ball into the constructions with the help of your lightsaber. You have to be fast, precise and keep the ball bouncin [...]
Hammer the monster destroyer Use your giant hammer to destroy the monsters in this game. You have to gather all the creeps with your hammers powers then smash them. Be fast, collect the points and become a tru [...]
Plants versus crystal shooting game The plants are trying to save the humankind they have to fight the crystals that are encroaching into the plant world and are trying to destroy it. You have to save it by destroyin [...]
Shoot the enemy game Are you brave enough to play this shooting game and destroy your opponents? You have to make sure that you can hold your line and target the enemies before they hide. You can choos [...]
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